Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My very Chanel Valentine's

I don't know where to start with this, but apparently I discovered I'm a Chanel girl! To be exact, even a Chanel No5 girl. To my great surprise, as I've always considered this scent to be something that belongs to an old lady or long-dead Marilyn :) Well, accidentally I discovered I love-love-love it!

It all started when we (me & hubby & kid) went to pay a visit a friend who was house sitting for her mother-in law. We made some Tom Kha soup, chatted a lot and went to sauna. And there it was on the edge of the bathroom sink: Chanel No5Velvet Body Cream.

Of course I ogled it right from the moment I noticed it. Come on, a serious beauty addict can't miss it for the lovely glossy black Chanel logo-ed pot alone!

I have a confession to make: I'm the biggest beauty addict within my circle of friends. Of course my friend suggested that her mom-in-law won't mind if I try the cream on my wrists and I did. Oh, boy! It smelt it on my skin even next morning and the smell was divine!

I decided there and then that I'm going to get it. But in my mind it was somewhere in very far future, as a Chanel product is not something you get for your spare change exactly.

My side of the bed with a lady figure.
Big was my surprise when hubby went to get some groceries a day before Valentine's and stayed away for 3 (three!) whole hours. Turned out later, he went to the I.L.U. store and wanted to buy this cream. Well, it was an epic fail, because he didn't remember the packaging exactly and just asked for “a good smelling Chanel cream”. Haha! 

The sales lady was not too fascinated at all at this message and suggested a series of Chanel fragrances, sampling them on HIM. Which of course didn't make any sense at all for hubz and so they agreed that this mysterious “good smelling Chanel cream” is an unicorn pee nowhere to be found.

Dear hubby even texted my friend, trying to find out what's the exact product I liked so much. My friend replied with just one word: Chanel, which of course was not very helpful :)

So my hubby pulled his tail between his legs and came home with a big bunch of roses and smelling of strange mixture of ladies fragrances :)

But he was SO-OO destined to present me with this unicorn pee. So back we went at Valentine's day to another I.L.U store. Of course I located my new love from far-far away and in matter of minutes that heavenly jar was handed to me. A more in-depth review of the cream to come, but so far I can only say it was one of the best presents I have ever had in my life. Mostly because it was given with so much love.

I just had to share this story :) On the pictures you can see my precious Chanel cream on the bedside table of a room in Kuressaare Grand Rose Spa, alongside with my precious watch, a mock chocolate box with Chocomania goodies from The Body Shop and a glass of Chianti. Pure luxury!
Hubby's side of the bed. Notice how the lampstand is  headless :P

I must say, Grand Rose Spa & Saaremaa were the most perfect spot for a Valentine's mini break. I'm a bit sorry we didn't take more pictures of our room and the spa as a whole, but then again, that's not what we went there for, so I hope you understand :)

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Ma lihtsalt pidin siia kirja panema loo, kuidas minust vahetult enne valentinipäeva Chanel number viie austaja sai. Poleks kunagi uskunud, olen seda lõhna alati pidanud vanatädikeste ja ammusurnud Marilyn Monroe tunnuslõhnaks. Aga näedsa, nüüd on Chaneli klassik kehakreemi kujul kolinud minu lõhnagarderoobi ja rõõmsam selle kingituse üle enam ei anna olla :) Naiselikkus ikkagi on ajatu, nagu Chanel kuulutab.

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

Saaremaa's nature just before a snowstorm.

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  1. Grand Rose Spa on väga mõnus koht. Saaremaa ka kindlasti. Väga hea postitus ja tore, et sinu kaaslane sind üllatada oskas:)