Monday, August 22, 2011

My first brazilian

So I finally did it! I have been planning to get a professional bikini wax (or should I say sugaring? ) for ages, but never had enough courage to go and get one. I know, I know, this is a sensitive subject, so I try to be completely honest and not to be too graphic, I promise. Or not :)

So far, I had removed my bikini hair with a hair removal cream (messy and didn't work well), shaving (needs to be done often and the result is less than exellent), with an epilator (needs a ballerina's bend to reach all areas and is quite painful). I wasn't satisfied with any of these methods and needed a completely new one.

As brazilian waxes are quite costly, I bought a 50 % off voucher from a coupon site and booked myself an appointment. I also figured that forewarned means forearmed and read Rowena's memoirs (here) and (here ) and some Estonian journalist's experience ( here).

A few nights before the appointment I had complete nightmares on the subject and even considered cancelling the appointment. My husband's constant teasing on the subject didn't help of course :)

Preparing myself for the treatment I let my pubic hair grow for about 5 or 6 weeks, so I was really bushy. The 70's porno star bushy I mean. Not a good feeling, no no, especially when it's bikini wearing season here in cold north.

My other preparations for the wax involved taking 400mg-s of Ibuprofen to tame the pain and gulping down a big glass of wine to work up the courage.

When I got to the salon Ingliroos (here), I felt my suspicions grow, because it is located in a hotel near the port and I felt that the salon was meant for Finnish seniors who get only back massages and blow dries, not Estonian ladies planning to beautify their most intimate parts. It didn't help that the salon was completely empty when I got there and nobody came for ten painstakingly long minutes.

Finally the beauticians came from their lunch, chewing the last bits of their salad, and I was told that they haven't really pencilled down my appointment :S

Fortunately, they could fit me in (I hope you can sense the irony here) and off we went with a Russian lady to the beautician's den, where I was asked to lie down, remove my undergarments and put on some disposable thongs that didn't cover much anyhow. I felt really awkward and vulnerable lying there!

Then the beautician came, heated up her sugar wax, got some wooden spatulas and paper strips and began to work. She asked me to bend one leg to the side, shift away the paper thong, stretch my down-there skin with my hands, appilied the wax, smoothed on some paper and ...pulled away.

Not so painful, but startling.

Really startling. I literally jumped at every pull. Couldn't control myself. The beautician tried to soothe me in words and with her hands but it didn't help. I clearly understood that I was not in so much pain, but the sharp pulling effect got the better of me every time.

Eventually, we agreed that I was going to get it all off, because my hair down there were too long to leave the “landing strip”. The waxer even had to chop some off with the scissors as they interfered with the waxing. She told me that she used the sugar method that was said to be less painful for the client and more comfortable for the waxer, as it is possible to do the same area more than once.

After a fair amount of applying the wax and pulling I was asked to lie on my stomach and a roll of towels was put under my lower body so that my butt was literally in the air. Yes, you guessed, she was going for my butt crack hair. Fortunately, I don't have a lot, but the concept of a brazilian means that you have to get it ALL off.

Surprisngly, I didn't feel embarrassed at all. The beauticians manners were really sweet and discreet, I could see that she had to do a lot of work with my bush but she still felt embarrassed for the pain she caused me and tried to comfort me that next time the procedure will feel much better and easier.

The truth was that I had expected the wax to be much more painful than it really was. In fact, at some point it felt even relaxing like a massage. I even tried to comfort the beautician that she needn't be worried about the pain.

It took about an hour and a half altogether, so at the end of it my back was completely tired and at the end I was bored to death with staring the ceiling and saying an occasional “Ouch!” when the waxer reached some sensitive spot.

After the wax the whole area felt really-really sticky, but not achy or swollen. After I'd had a shower at home, I really couldn't believe how soft my lady parts felt. It was quite hard to refrain from touching them from time to time (khm, I just did NOT say this!).

Oh, and just FYI, the sex did feel different and better afterwards. And some of my girlfriends actually asked to SEE the result :S

I stole the picture from here. About the picture – you didn't really expect to see the result, did you?

So, ladies just GO and DO it! It might be the beginning of a new addiction. I have booked my new appointment already.

What's up next, the vajazzling ? A pubic piercing perhaps?

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For Estonian beauties:

Sain viimaks tehtud oma elu esimesed “brasiilia bikiinid”. Kirjutan niivõrd intiimsest protseduurist pikalt-laialt seepärast, et kindlasti on teisigi, kes tahaks olla “sealt alt” mõnusalt pehmed ja karvavabad, aga pelgavad. Ka mina pabistasin enne päris palju, aga tegelikult polnud üldse nii hull kui kuulujutud räägivad. Vahatamine sai teoks juunikuus Tallinna ilusalongis Ingliroos. Ah et miks seal? Eks ikka seetõttu, et olid müügil selle salongi vautšerid 50 % allahindlusega, seega sain kulmude kitkumise ja värvimise ning brasiilia vahatamise suhkruvahaga kokku 20 eur eest.

Algul kohale minnes tundus küll, et tegu on soome penskaritele mõeldud salongikesega, sest see asub hotellis Domina Ilmarine. (Olen alati imestanud, et miks küll on selle hotelli nimeks pandud teatud tüüpi seksmängudele viitav Domina, aga see selleks.) Kui see välja arvata, et mu telefonitsi tehtud broneering oli salongis kirja panemata, sujus kõik kenasti. Kosmeetik leidis minu jaoks aega, polnud üldse nii valus ega piinlik kui ma ette kujutasin ja tulemus oli superpehme ja mõnus! Ainsa miinusena läheb kirja asjaolu, et aega läks tervelt poolteist tundi. Venelannast kosmeetik oli minu suhtes väga-väga kaastundlik ja pärast anti salongist tasuta kaasa ka karvade sissekasvamise vastu mõeldud kreemituubike. Ja pärast tundus mu bikiinipiirkond nii-nii pehme! Imepehme! Seda soovitan küll, et bikiinivahatamise ootuses ei ole mõtet poolteist kuud karvu kasvatada, nagu mina tegin. Siis kasvavad need liiga pikaks ja kosmeetikul on keerulisem oma tööd teha. Ja sul endal on veidi valusam ja ebamugavam. Aga muidu – minge ja tehke ära!

Kas ma soovitaksin salongi Ingliroos teistelegi? Jah, miks mitte. Kas ma läheksin uuesti brasiilia vahatamist tegema? Mul on järgmiseks nädalaks aeg kinni pandud :) Siis jagan muljeid salongist Kamibi.

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


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  3. Yeah, among other alternatives – hair removal cream, shaving, etc. – bikini waxing is no less distressing in the process, but it can give the most excellent and long-term results. It’s what sets it apart. At least after pain, you are assured of getting stubble-free beauty and confidence! ;] By the way, did you do this again?

    -->Justine Cricks