Saturday, August 27, 2011

OMG! Avon does haircolour!

I like Avon products quite a lot, because in my book they have good quality and reasonabe price. Avon is a company, that launches new products frequently. Nail polish, masks, creams, shower gels, make up items -- there is always plenty to choose from in their brochure.

Anyway, last month Avon announced that they have a new range of permanent haircolours coming out in August (This stands for Estonia, I don't know whether they are already available in other countries). I was quite surprised, because I have been ogling and drooling over Avon brochures for more than 10 years I guess and they have never before offered a hair color.

But to come to think of it --- why not? The majority of women colour their hair. Avon's business is relied on their brochures and sales ladies and while it is quite complicated to choose a lipstick or your exact shade of foundation from a brochure, there's no such problem with haircolour. While buying haircolour you have to rely on the printed picture anyway. You can't test it in store, can you? Besides, you've got nobody to blame when it goes wrong :)

The range consists of 25 shades from Ultra Light Ash Blonde to Natural Black. The price is comparable to other at-home hair colors. The promises are usual: natural glossy hair, covers gray (not that I need to) and long-lasting result. The special thing about Avon hair color is that there is something called pre-color care included in the packet. I haven't seen anything like it so naturally I'm curious.

My dark roots need covering and I think I'm going to test Avon's new haircolor out tomorrow. I've got my hands on two of the lightest shades, Ultra Light Ash Blonde and Very Light Champagne Blonde. Cryptical funny names, as usual. My only problem is, which one to be first, Ash Blonde or Champagne Blonde. So should I be a smoker or should I be a drinker first?

The haircolor range is available in Estonia via Avon representatives from 18th of August. A packet costs 5.50 EUR.

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For lovely Estonian ladies:

Teada-tuntud Avon on tulnud välja oma juuksevärvisarjaga. Mõnevõrra üllatav, aga miks mitte. Kui kataloogi järgi on huulepulka, lõhna või jumestuskreemi valida päris keeruline, siis juuksevärvi ostes pead niikuinii pakile trükitud pildist või mingist sünteetilisest juuksetutikust lähtuma, sest poes proovida ju ei saa :)

Minu kartulikarva juuksejuured nõuavad värvimist. Soetasin endale kaks kõige heledamat tooni, Ultra Light Ash Blonde ehk ülihele tuhkblond ja Very Light Champagne Blonde ehk väga hele šampanjablond. Pean valima, kas hakata kõigepealt suitsetajaks või joomariks :P

Uues sarjas on 25 tooni heleblondist mustani. Pakk maksab 5.50 EUR ja on saadaval loomulikult Avoni edasimüüjate kaudu.

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Ma kunagi nägin poes mingit beach blonde asja - kergelt blondeeriv sprei - aga rohkem pole leidnud. Ma põhjalikult värvida ei tahaks aga kerget päikesepleeki tahaks küll juustesse tekitada. Halb asi see, et enam ei leia seda asja üles :S

  2. Võis see olla see?

    Ma ise proovinud ei ole (mul on juba aastaid blondiks värvitud juuksed), aga piielnud poes olen küll.

  3. Jep - midagi sarnast :)
    Ma vaatan sinna spetspoodi Narva mnt-l.