Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flormar Graffiti Nail Enamel polishes: review & a small contest!

Remember, some time ago I promised to show you some interesting crackle polishes? Here they are!

Flormar is a Turkish company and an old favourite of mine. It's very popular in Turkey, but not so widespread elsewhere, including Estonia. But their products are super and these polishes are no exception!

To be fair, I discovered Flormar Graffiti Nails polishes via MyLittleVanities blog. When I learned that they are finally available in Estonia, I just had to go and get them. Actually there are twelve colors in this line, but all of these were not available at the moment.

Just look how bright and beautiful these colours are! Texturewise, different crackle colours differ a bit: some are metallic, some are regularly matte and some are satiny and stay somewhere inbetween. Qualitywise these are a lot better than China Glaze Metallic Crackles: these are a lot easier to apply evenly and the cracks are much more consistent. They also dry very quickly.

I like the bottles too, I think they are fun and beautiful. The paper caps on the bottles will probably be lost soon. But on to the actual swatches:

I think the blue and silvery colours are my favourites and the yellow one is the least favourite. They don't have names, only numbers. I think it's not necessary to mark them down here.

And the promised little contest. You have to guess, what nail polish I'm wearing under these crackles. I want you to guess the company's name and the shade of the polish. The first person to guess correctly will receive a small prize from me! Hint: the prize comes straight from Turkey! Please leave your guesses at the comment section. A small hint for you: this is an extremely popular polish and it was launched this fall :)

The contest is open to all my GFC followers, no matter where in the world you live. New followers and multiple guesses are also allowed!

And a close shot of my nails. Please excuse the regrowth, it was not so visible if not looked through the macro lens. 

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Palun saage tuttavaks Türgi firma Flormar Graffiti Nail Enamel pragunevate lakkide sarjaga. Ma ei hakkagi pikalt heietama: need lakid on suurepärased, China Glaze kräkk-lakkidest oluliselt paremad!

Aga nüüd võistluse juurde! Arvake ära, mis lakk on mu küüntel praolakkide all. Ära on vaja arvata nii tootjafirma kui laki nimi. Esimesele õigele arvajale saadan Türgist toodud auhinna. Arvamused kirjutage palun kommentaaridesse ja ärge unustage seejuures olla ka GFC -followerid. 

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Super kenad pildid on :)

  2. Opi - Designer... de Better ?

  3. polegi kunagi selle firma lakke kasutanud aga igatahes need mureneva efektiga lakid näevad küll väga kenad välja.
    Mulle meenutab see alumine laki kiht Chaneli -Preidot´i.

  4. Ei, Peridot see pole. Aga see vastus on tõele juba üsna lähedal :P

  5. Flormari lakid on kõik super head, nii kvaliteedi kui ka hinna poolest !

  6. Bingo! Kirjuta mulle, et saaksin sulle auhinna saata.

  7. Oi kui tore! Saatsin kirja.:)