Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blue locks trend. Are you in?

Kate's picture is from here.

Thinking of hair color, I read an interesting article about new hair colouring trends from Mama's a Rolling Stone web magazine. Guess what? Faded-away blue hair colour is in! A fair amount of celebrities like Lauren Conrad, our own Kerli Kõiv and even Lady Gaga have been seen sporting the trend.

Actually, this look is not so new to me. When I was at high school many-many years ago, I let a novelty and drama loving friend dye my lovely blonde locks dark teal in the school's ladies room. Using a pot of writing ink. Oh, the exitement! Oh, the attention I got!

In case you have forgot what a dark teal looks like, see it here.

Of course the ink started to transfer from my locks to clothes, pillowcases and to my face when it rained. The majority of it came off after washing my hair for a few times, but not from the ends, that apparently were a bit more damaged in first place. So, I ended up looking exactly like Kate Bosworth now!           
Come on Kate, I did it first!

Oh, those were the days! I think this time I will pass :)

What I did with my hair next after the blue hair phase I will tell you another time, when all the trendy people are already rocking the style :P

In case anybody is interested how to achieve the blue-hair style without using the ink, get the tips from here.

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Mitme kuulsuse peas on hiljuti nähtud siniseid salke. Kui iseenesest pole sinised ja rohelised ja roosad juuksevärvid midagi eriti uut, eriti pungirahva peas, siis see meinstriim-variant on küll … hm... kole?

Mitte et ma ise oleks patust puhas – keskkooli ajal sai plikade peldikus tindiga pea tumerohekassiniseks värvitud :) Loomulikult ei tulnud see juustest enam kuidagi välja (eriti otstest) ja mul olid täpselt seda karva juuksed, mis Kate Bosworthil. Ainult et palju-palju-palju varem :P

Kui kedagi huvitab, kuidas sellist värvi saavutada tindi abita, siis inglisekeelne artikkel on siin.

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull

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  1. hoolitsemata mulje jääb sellest stiilist, kuidagi liiga hobo. ei kavatse järgida.