Friday, October 28, 2011

Estonian beauty trade show haul, part 1

That big colorful pile is the stuff I got from the beauty trade show Ilu Sõnum 2011 :)

You probably think I must be a really ugly person to need so much beauty products! I assure you, I just have enormous passion for them ... and I promise NOT to do any decent hauling in the near future (ha-ha!).

Besides, October is really good time to do beauty shopping in Estonia, as there are a lot of discounts and special offers available. Besides Ilu Sõnum there are Hullud Päevad (Crazy Days) in Stockmann, Osturalli (Shopping Race) in Kaubamaja, discounts in I.L.U shop and Ideaalkosmeetika and so on. And if all that is not enough for you, you can go to Helsinki to the Finnish beauty fair Kauneus & Terveys.

On to the products. As it is a big haul, I've divided it into two parts and speak about the nail polishes first. I haven't had a chance to try them all. These are my first impressions. I try to add the prices when I remember them, sorry for possible mistakes.

Spa Ritual nail polishes are usually very good, but expensive. Seeing them discounted made me treat myself to some. The colors are (L to R) Crystal Waters, Treasure, Dreams Becoming Reality and Emerald City. Two of them cost eur 8.90 each and another two eur 4 each. Usually they cost eur 11 or 12 per bottle. The samples were for free :)

More nail polish from OPI. The colors are (L to R) Out of This World, It's Not Rocket Science and Bailamos. The first two are from the Cosmic FX collection that was launched fall 2010. Now I have only Galaxy Girl missing from this collection. I got these three polishes for eur 13 (if you bought two, the third was free). Usually these cost around eur 10 each.

It's convenient I got myself a big bottle of Sec'n Dry quick dry top coat, as I just dropped my Seche and of course it broke to pieces. Don't remember the price.

On to China Glaze. Yep, these are China Glaze Crackle Glaze metallic shatters! I saw these metallic shatters at the trade show for the first time and decided to get me some, (L to R) Latticed Lilac, Oxidized Aqua and Tarnished Gold. I love-love-love crackle polish and have received lots of compliments for my crackle manicures. You can create a lot of gorgeous effects with these metallic shatters, but they're somewhat tricky to use. Eur 4.20 or 4.50 each, don't know the retail price.

The Essie shades were from the discount bin. I don't know what made me buy these, probably the fact that I absolutely adore bright pink nail polishes and lipsticks! The shades (L to R) are Infatuation, Orchid Oasis and Catwalk, all good pedicure shades. I think they were eur 2 or 3 each, the retail price is around eur 9.

And then the set in the background. Actually I was interested in the blue Sexy in The City shade that I have been admiring for a while, but the whole set cost eur 6 (!). So naturally I decided to buy the set. Usually you can get only one polish for eur 6 from BeautyPro, I don't know the retail price.

Some Ardell falsies have also crept to the picture. Eur 4 each. Haven't got to try them yet, but they're said to be the best ones, so I'm curious to try.

That's all for now. If you want to see some swatches, please ask. I'm going to do another post on hair care products and makeup bought from the trade show soon. Needless to say I'm ridiculously happy with my trade show haul and am looking for the next year!

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian beauties:  

Selline on minu ilumessi haul :) Päris suur, mis?

Oktoober on iluostude mõttes eriti kreisi aeg, sest lisaks ilumessile on Osturalli ja Hullud päevad, kus on alati palju kosmeetikat soodsamalt. Mujalgi on tohutult soodukaid ja eripakkumisi, põhimõtteliselt vist igas endast lugu pidavas kosmeetikapoes, niiet rahakotid värisege! Ja kui sellest ei piisa, siis kuu keskel toimub Helsingis soomlaste ilumess Kauneus & Terveys :P

See on üks päris suur haul ja kõiki tooteid pole veel jõudnud põhjalikult proovida, seepärast jagan peamiselt esmamuljeid. Selles postituses vaid küünelakid, aga tulekul on ka teine postitus ülejäänud ostudest. Kui meeles olid, panin ka hinnad juurde, et näeksite oma silmaga, et mess on iluostudeks hea koht.

Ma ei hakka kogu teksti uuesti eesti keeles kirjutama, vast saate nimedest ja hindadest ka inglisekeelses versioonis aru. Kui kellelegi jääb midagi segaseks, siis küsige kommentaarides!

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Kus Spa Rituali lakke muidu Tallinnas müüakse?

    Väga mõnus postitus. Oleks ma teadnud, et seda Orly kollektsiooni ka soodukaga müüdi, oleks isegi kohale läinud Ilu Sõnumile. Sa said ikka väga hea saagi sealt :)

  2. SpaRituali müüakse Foorumi keskuses Thaya ilusaongis ja TradeHouse poes Narva mnt. 13 (Päevalehe maja).

    Aitäh kiitmast :)

  3. Kena hunniku asju oled saanud :) Pole midagi öelda.
    Oeh ja aina rohkem on mul kahju, et ma ei saanud sel aastal jälle Ilu Sõnumile minna :( Oleks ka lakke tahtnud osta soodsamalt.