Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now I am one of the Naked girls too!

I liked Urban Decay's Naked palette the moment I saw the first pictures of it. I'm always on the lookout for some good neutral shadows, as I wear these the most.

But Urban Decay is not sold in Estonia and the only way to get it online was on eBay at a horrific price. I gave up the search, thinking that all that trouble is simply not worth it. It is only a bunch of neutral shadows after all. Besides, several other skin-themed palettes of neutrals started to appear quickly. I thought I might be as well off getting one of these instead of the Naked, but an itch remained. Somewhere deep inside I knew I wanted the Real Thing. The Holy Grail. The One to Rule Them All. The Naked.

A lot of time passed and some time in August Lookfantastic announced that the palettes are back in stock. The only difference being that the eyeliners of the original edition were replaced with a brush. I didn't grab the palette quickly enough and in a few days they were sold out again. Boo!

Fortunately shortly after HQHair got the palettes too and there was even a 15 % off discount going on when I discovered them from HQHair. When my palette arrived, my heart sank, because the box was damaged. Luckily my precious palette was intact inside, except a small dent on the plastic box.

I'm not unhappy about getting the brush edition of Naked. I figure I have a lot of liners and can always buy them separately, but could really use a good brush. Since it's a synthetic brush I plan to use it with cream eyeshadows, not Naked.

The colors in this palette are just as amazing, smooth and well-pigmented as a lot of beauty bloggers have already told you. So I'm quite pleased with my Naked and happy that I decided to get it!

I paid 34.25 euros for my Naked. The delivery is free worldwide at HQHair.

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Nüüd olen ka mina lõpuks ometi Urban Decay Naked lauvärvipaleti õnnelik omanik. Ootasin mis ma ootasin, jõudsin ära oodata, millal sain selle tellida ilma eBay šaakalitele lõivu maksmata. Ehkki vahepeal mõtlesin, et ma ei hakkagi seda paletti ostma, ei suutnud ma ikka vastu panna ja tellisin selle endale HQHair'ist. Tegu on siis paleti uuema väljaandega, kus silmapliiatsite asemel on sünteetilistest karvadest pintsel. Selle vastu pole mul midagi, sest pintsel on korraliku kvaliteediga ja ma usun, et sellega on väga mõnus kreemjaid lauvärve peale kanda. Primer Potioni ei ole veel proovinud, aga kindlasti katsetan ka seda kultustoodet huviga.

Kvaliteedilt on Nakedi värvid täpselt nii head, nagu igas teises ilublogis kuulutatakse. Kokkuvõttes on mul Nakedi soetamise üle hea meel ja see on igati oma hinda väärt.

Minu palett läks maksma 34.25, sest sain 15 % soodukat. Praegu näib, et Naked on veidi kallimaks läinud: paleti täishind on hetkel HQHair'is 43.98. Aga soodukaid on neil päris sageli, seega tasub silm peal hoida.

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull

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  1. Palju õnne ja tere tulemast naked klubisse! :D