Friday, January 13, 2012

I've been an awful' good girl! What I got for Christmas

Although we are almoust three weeks past Christmas (already?! oh, no!), I still want to share my beauty-related Christmas presents, because I loved reading other people's gifts posts. (I will not show the rest of gifts, because it's a beauty blog and other things are not really relevant here.)

It's obvious that I've been an awful' good girl during 2011, because Dear Santa listened to my prayers and I got the thing I wished most – a Michael Kors chronograph watch!

Oh no, I realize it should lay on the other side... Sorry! 
Initially I had my eye set on a two-tone silver and light gold model, but Santa couldn't find it anywhere and chose this one with silver and rosy gold combination for me. He suggested I might want to change it, but I find it even nicer than my pick. I've gotten a load of compliments on it already!

Although it is a bit out of my usual (colour)comfort zone I really like the design and the mixed metal look and felt one lucky bastard to get it. Especially knowing that a Michael Kors watch was in the wishlist of everyone and their mother!

Look how beautiful it is!
Then there are a pile of things from Estonian natural cosmetics brand Joik: Grapefruit and Mandarin Body Scrub, Peppermint Lip Balm, Chocolate Facial Mask, Deep Moisturizing Salve With Emu Oil and some scented soy wax candles. I was also very happy to receive all of these, must start testing out!

In the background the big bottles are Herbalife Herbal Aloe Everyday shampoo and conditioner. Haven't tried them yet, but they may easily be used mainly by other family members, because my hair needs something more moisturising (I guess).

By the way, those green spheres are hand-made Christmas decorations I received a year before. 

I was not very fortunate on Christmas sales this year, but I managed to buy a few presents for myself too. The pressies from myself to dear me are still (!) in the mail, so maybe I will show them some other time :)

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies: 

Kuigi jõulud on juba unustusehõlma vajunud, panen üles mõned pildid oma (iluteemalistest) jõulukinkidest. Neist suurim-tähtsaim on muidugi Michael Korsi kell, mis oli tänavu jõuluvanade kingikottides ilmselt päris popp. Loomulikult tegid ka Joiki asjad heameelt, loodan peagi neid katsetama hakata.

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Michael Kors´i kell on endiselt minu wishlists :D aga sinu kell näeb tõesti super välja!

  2. Oo.. suurepärased kingid! Mul tekkis uudishimu, et mis asjad veel sinu poole teel on :D Kindlasti ootan nüüd postitust selle kohta ;)

  3. Hahaa, kingid jõudsid just eile pärale, katsun täna pildistamiseks aega leida :)

    Ootan juba ammu sinu postitust Unii palettide ja depottingu õnnestumise kohta!