Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's 2012 already! Time to get down to business

Pilt on varastatud siit

Usually I don't give much thought to New Year resolutions, but this time I feel otherwise. I'm ready for a change. Here it goes.

In 2012 I am going to...

lose some weight. I know, this is the oldest and by far most violented of new-year promises, but I REALLY need it! I'm not overweight, but I used to be thinner and more fit. I have put on a few kilos in the course of last year, probably because of too-high stress levels, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Most annoying about the weight gain is that I have so many beautiful clothes that won't fit me any more. BOO! I need to get hold of myself and put an end to this sucky situation. I would be very happy even if I managed to lose 5 kgs, but I wouldn't mind losing more. I'll try to do it on my own at first, but if I don't have any success, I'll join the Estonian version of WeightWatchers.

get my lazy butt to the gym finally! I need to make workout a frequent part of my life in order to achieve this weight loss. Of course this is another staple New Year resolution, but we all know better than well I won't be able to achieve my first goal without it... I have my eye on a quite expensive gym/spa my friend also frequents. Mixing dull exercise with some girly chit-chat will probably help me stick around better. I guess joining this gym will be money well-spent, because I know some celebrities who have gotten excellent results there! I consider even getting some advice and motivation-boost from a personal coach – a thing I've never done before.

drink more green smoothies and fresh vegetable juices. How about some celery juice, sounds good? I already have a juicer that has not gotten much use. It's time to dust if off and start drinking those vitamin-packed health-boosting fresh juices! Besides being healthy I'm sure it will be helpful achieving that weight-loss goal. I may even try a fresh juice fast or detox week, but I'm not committing to that yet :P

improve the condition of my hair and let it grow. Right now it's shoulder-length and quite brittle and damaged. I invested into good hair dryer with ionic technology a few months ago. Then I managed to haul some good hair products at the end of last year, when they arrive it's time to put them to use. Also, after two at-home hair-colouring disasters in the end of last year, I need a professional dye job badly and I'm going to get it in a few weeks.

keep up the empties project. So far, it has been going really well! I can already see some free space on my bathroom shelves. Update to come soon!

wear more makeup. Yeah, really! I have so much of gorgeous makeup and yet I sometimes rush out of the door with barely some mascara on. I want to start wearing complicated looks more often and shall try to find more time for doing makeup.

wear high heels more often. Why be just plain, if you can be gorgeous, right?

do some beauty shopping abroad and discover some more foreign brands. That's an easy promise to keep, because I love both shopping and travelling.

sort out my wardrobe and lingerie drawer and throw away ratty old things. No need to explain that, I guess.

not to let any vouchers I've bought expire unused. No need to explain that too.

try to blog more regularly and throw some giveaways (hint: check back here in few days!).

and last but not the least: hopefully make some friends among fellow beautyholics.

I guess that's all. When I counted the resolutions, there were exactly 12, not intentionally I swear :) To be frank, these are all very good resolutions, because I'd have to do all these things anyway, New Year or not :D

Have a very happy year 2012! Let all your wishes come true in the upcoming year of dragon!

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Tavaliselt ma ei usu uusaastalubaduste andmisse ja pidamisse, aga tänavu hing suisa karjub muutuste järele. Kogemata kombel on lubadusi täpselt 12 (kui tore, et pole näiteks aasta 2020 :)). Ja õnneks puudutavad kõik mu uusaastalubadused tegevusi, mida peaksin lähiajal niikuinii ette võtma :)

Head uut draakoniaastat kõigile!

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Head lubaduses! Loodan, et suudad neid kõiki ka pidada ja täita :) Pean isegi paarist kilost lahti saama ja trenni peaks ka rohkem tegema hakkama ja sooduskuponge-koode peaks ka rohkem kasutama :D

  2. Siiamaani läheb väga hästi -- kui välja arvata asjaolu, et vaatamata kinnipandud trenniaegadele sel nädalal trenni ei saa, sest olen külmetusega koju aheldatud. Aga seda rohkem on aega blogipostidega tegeleda :P

  3. Kiiret paranemist!
    Meil langesid päris paljud lubadused kokku ;) Ma kohekohe postitan enda omad ka, mis siis et veidi hiljem.