Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Burlesque revisited: OPI Simmer and Shimmer, Show It and Glow It and Glow Up Already

These polishes are nothing new – they came out at the end of 2010 as a part of OPI Holiday Burlesque collection. The collection was dedicated to the musical Burlesque with Christina Aquilera and Cher starred as leading characters. While the musical has certainly some nice songs and dances and offers lots of eye-candy to burlesque lovers, it's plot is quite naive and even boring in my opinion. A small town girl becoming a big star and finding love, that's highly unique storyline, eh? So I was much more excited about OPI nail polishes than the actual movie :)

OPI Burlesque collection actually consisted of 12 polishes, six of them were glitter polishes in different hues and the other six were red and orange shimmers. You can see full swatches here.

I really wanted to get my hands at the time this collection came out, but they were quite expensive in Estonia. Regular OPI polish costs 10 euros in Estonia and glitter polishes even more. Besides, my favourite shades of this collection were constantly sold out in eBay shops I frequent. So I decided to postpone the purchase and eventually forgot all about Burlesque polishes.

Simmer and Shimmer, three coats.
When I noticed them in a Douglas store discount bin during my trip to Germany last autumn I was immediately hooked and Simmer and Shimmer, Show It and Glow It and Glow Up Already found their place in my luggage in no time. I was sooo-ooo lucky all three were among my initial favourites! 

Show It and Glow It
All three polishes have multi-colored glitter particles in clear base and can therefore be used as layering polishes too. The quality is OPI-worthily great and seriously sparkly. Achieving opaqueness (as on my swatches) takes three coats and I would certainly use a top coat, as the finish is quite gritty.

Needless to say, I wore them several times during holiday season :)

Glow Up Already
These polishes were 7 euros each and I got some free scent samples with my purchase. Cool! I only wish there would have been more shades from Burlesque collection (especially Sparkle-iscious!) available.

Are you sometimes happy to find your old favourites from bargain bin? Or are you just interested in latest hits and forget all about previous ones?

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

OPI Simmer and Shimmer, Show It and Glow It and Glow Up Already pärinevad 2010. aasta pühadekollektsioonist, kuid minust sai nende õnnelik omanik alles tänavu sügisel kui nad Saksamaalt allahinnatuna müügilt leidsin. 

Kas ka teie olete soetanud mõne ammuihaldatud kosmeetikavidina soodusmüügist, tükk aega pärast seda kui sellest müügihitt sai? Või tunnete huvi ainult parasjagu kõige kuumema kauba vastu?

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Appi! Super leid ju! Need on mega kenad!!!!!

  2. Kui ikka meeldib, siis ostan ka väga vanasid tooteid st et hetkel pole vb enam nii pop. Minu lemmik Burlesque´i kollektsioonist on
    The show must go on. Nii rumal olin, et omal ajal ainult minid tellisin, aga ei arvanud ju, et üks neist nii meeldima hakkab. Tellimiseks kasutasin transdesigni, see oli veel krooniajal - ühe täissuuruses laki hinnaks tuli u 80.- (tellisin ikka maksimaalselt suure paki, nii et postikulu oli ka väike, tellisin ka teistele)- samal ajal kui kaubamajast u 2x kallimalt neid sai. Enam nad kahjuks OPIt ei müü.

  3. Tjah, praeguseks on Burlesque lakid eBay's ka päris kallid. Mina olen lakke muidu soetanud eBay'st. On mõned kindlad müüjad, kes saadavad USA-st nii, et toll ei hakka ebatervet huvi tundma paki vastu :) Transdesigni pole kunagi proovinud. Kahju muidugi, et nad enam OPIt ei müü :(

    Mulle meeldisid Burlesque kollektsioonist veel Ali's Big Break ja juba mainitud Sparkle-iscious...tekib eBay'sse suundumise isu kohe :D