Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't panic, it's organic! Tigi Love Peace and the Planet Freak Of Nature Volumiser and Thickener review

I have been planning to do this post for a really long time, because I was asked for it when I told about buying some Tigi products last year.

Tigi is by far my favourite hair products company. I have been a loyal Tigi fan since I bought a shampoo and conditioner from them more than ten years ago (they were ridiculouslty expensive for me back then!) and have hardly ever used other products since. A Tigi fan – yes, I am!

When something new comes out from Tigi, I'm just dying to try it. I always seem to fall for the design and concept of their products and haven't been disappointed the results don't disappoint me. To be fair, most of my hair stuff is by Tigi: they have a lot to choose from and I'm not hard to seduce :)

Love Peace and The Planet is not a very new series from Tigi. If I remember correctly, it came out about two years ago or so. What's important about it, it's Tigi's first “eco” series. It's motto is, go green and look good doing it. Tigi promises that Love, Peace and the Planet products are:
  • free of parabens, laurel and laureth sulfates;
  •  rich with renewable, organic and biodegradable ingredients;' with 80-90 % organic content;
  •  use no artificial colourings or fragrances or animal byproducts (except beeswax, caution, not OK for vegans);
  •  bottled in containers that have been made using 50 % of post consumer recycled material and are fully recycleable;
  • I must add, Love, Peace and the Planet are having witty names  as it's usual with Tigi.

On to the Freak of Nature. It's a 250 ml blow-dry styling lotion, meant to add volume and thickness, while not leaving your hair feeling clean. It contains lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, japanese green tea leaf, pomegranate, aloe vera, nettle and chamomile extracts. The quite thin white milky fluid is housed in stubby lime green bottle and comes out through black plastic cap.

Or should I say, it should come out through black plastic c(r)ap. Because when I was using this for second or third time, I dropped it from my wet and slippery hand to the tiled bathroom floor and the cap broke. Fortunately I was able to use a cap taken from an empty Tigi bottle to prevent the product from drying out. Now Freak of Nature sits in my bathroom like a true Frankenstein. I think the cap broke far too easily and am not happy with that, as I expect more quality from a brand like Tigi.

Otherwise, Freak of Nature is great. It gives my hair noticeably more volume and shine, makes it look healthy and doesn't weigh the hair down or make it dirty. I'd recommend it to finer hair, because I think it might not be enough for thick and coarse hair. I haven't applied it to dry hair, as I don't feel the need to. It has a funny lavender-based smell that you'd expect from a foot cream, but it vanishes fast and I happen to like it.

As it's quite fluid, it goes fast. I bought it in October and I have already gone through half a bottle. I use it two or three times a week to the max as I have other hair products too. Normally I need a half of teaspoonful or an one euro coin sized puddle of it for my shoulder length hair. It's quite a lot of a hair product to use at once.

The other bad thing is, Freak of Nature has 85 % organc contents, but it still contains some silicones like dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane and then some more. Luckily they are at the bottom of the ingredients list and I'm not too concerned about them. If you are, this product might not be for you. A more educational program here. 

Tigi products are available worldwide from hair salons and also online. Personally, I bought Freak of Nature along with some other Love Peace and the Planet products from SalonPlus at Estonian beauty trade show on sale and paid 8 euros for it. Normal price should be around 16 or 17 euros. The good news are that has Love Peace and the Planet on sale right now at half price, check it out!

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Tigi Love Peace and the Planet on tuntud juuksehooldusvahendite valmistaja Tigi esimene ökosari. Toreda nimega Freak of Nature on selle sarja volüümikreem/vedelik ja rohkelt volüümi see lavendlilõhnaline 85 % orgaanilise koostisega vedelik juustele annab ka. Jei!

Lubasin kunagi Miss L-ile selle toote arvustust ja ma arvan, et nüüd on see lubadus lõpuks ometi täidetud :)

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

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