Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Versatile Blog Awards

I was very happy when I learned I have received the Versatile Blog Award from G. Thank you so much! Although you seem very young (at least compared to the old lady aka me who's saying this :) ), you have such a great blog and it's an honour to be awarded by you.

Actually, this is not my first Versatile Blogger Award. I received the first one from MissL (another of my favourite bloggers), but I didn't notice it right away and it seemed embarrassing to do the post so much later. Sorry, MissL :(

But on to the award!

There are three basic rules to that award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 10 other bloggers.

My 7 facts:

1. I am a Chanel ( a post to come!) and MAC girl, although for many years I thought I was not.

2. I was called "an ogre" at high school because my hair was temporarily dyed green  (click the link and read more about it!). That was right before I shaved my head. The Sinead O'Connor look suited me, but I'm afraid I won't do it again. 

3. I am very much afraid of heights and weirdly, staircases too. But I don't mind flying at all.

4. During my uni years I used to weight 45 kg. I thought that was fat and tried desperately to get rid of my "extra weight" :)

5. One of my first jobs was as a nude model at an art college. It was really hard to stay motionless for 3 hours plus. At wintertime in very cold classroom. FYI, I wore swimsuit at all times.

6. I prefer a boyshort over a thong.

7. OK, back to normal stuff :)  I am a foodie. I love cooking and eating delicacies. I love to cook soups, salads and meat dishes, but not to bake or make cakes. Actually, I don't even eat cakes, I despise them. That's a family tradition :)

Now I'm in trouble! I don't know who to send this award along, as probably many of my favourites have received it already many times :S So, I am naming some of my favourites and if you have already done it or are too busy to go along with the game, don't feel like participating or so on,  just take this as a compliment, OK? 

Here we go:

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull 

For my lovely Estonian ladies: 

G andis mulle The Versatile Blogger auhinna:) Täh-täh!

Auhinna mõte on selles, et kui tunned tunnustuse üle rõõmu, siis avaldad seitse (põnevat) fakti iseenda kohta ja annad auhinna edasi kümnele inimesele. 

Minu seitse paljastust:

1) Ma ikkagi olen Chanel'i ja MAC'i tüdruk, kuigi ma ise arvasin, et ei ole.

2) Kooliajal kutsuti mind roheliste juuste pärast mõnda aega sookolliks. Sel ajal polnud Shrekist ja Fionast keegi veel kuulnudki.

3)  Ma kardan väga kõrgust ja veidral kombel ka treppe (eriti neid, mille astmete vahelt saab läbi vaadata!), aga mitte lennukiga lennata. Seda ma hoopis naudin!

4) Ülikooliajal kaalusin ma 45 kilo ja arvasin, et olen hirmus paks :)

5) Olen töötanud kunstikoolis aktimodellina. Üle kolme tunni ühes asendis püsida: ütleme nii, et see on tervistkahjustav töö! Päris alasti ma siiski polnud, ujumistrikoo jäi ikka selga.

6) Mulle ei meeldi eriti stringid, ma eelistan shortside lõikega allareid.

7) Ma olen foodie ehk söögisõltlane. Mulle meeldib süüa teha, eriti salateid, suppe ja liharoogi. Küpsetada ja kooke teha eriti ei meeldi, sest ise ma magusaid küpsetisi ei söö.

Kellele auhind edasi antud sai, on ülal kirjas :)

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

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  1. Ait2h, kallis Tolmu, et mu blogi meeles pidasid :-)

    V2ga huvitavad faktid kah!
    Mul tekkis kysimus - palju Sa hetkel kaalud? 45kg on ju liiga v2he! (v6i oled sa lyhikest kasvu?)

    Ja oma Chaneli s6ltuvusest v6iksid ka kirjutada ;-)

    (tuli just meelde, et ma peaksin Sulle emaili saatma - teen seda homme!) xo