Thursday, March 1, 2012 has a supersale! Warning: great beauty bargains

This morning sucked. Opening my eyes, I saw that my nail polish job from last night has sheet marks all over it. I found some cat pee on the floor, discovered that my shower gel had exploded in my gym bag (on top of the white yoga pants, which are ruined: the stain won't probably come out ever again) and my Lush facial cleaner had grown a thick layer of mould in the shower. And all that even before nine in the morning!

But then the day grew much better. My Elsa Hjeronymus facial care procedure was as great as I had expected (anyone fancy a review?) and I was even given a free Guinot eye cream sample from the salon. And once back at my computer I discovered this supersale with great offerings starting from 1.39 euros. Yay!

Some great finds:

  • Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover, 50 ml travel size, 4.80 euros.

It is a highly praised makeup remover, some even say, the best in the world. Although this is a travel size, the price is great: full-sized 125 ml product costs 21 euros in Strawberrynet. Get three from Quum and you'll get more product for a lot less and have some money left for other bargains. Plus, you can take  it on a plane.

  • Jean Philippe Wild Honey Body Scrub, 170 g, 139 eur.

I have never heard about this scrub, but I like the price and packaging seems nice too :)

  • SJP Covet Body Lotion, 200 ml, 4.80 eur.

  • Christina Aquilera By Night body lotion 200 ml, 7.70 eur.

Well, these are the prices of a ordinary drugstore body moisturiser, but perfumed body lotions are rather perfumes than ordinary moisturisers and therefore usually cost much more. If you are a fan of these fragrances, then run.

  • Tigi Love, Peace and the Planet Freak of Nature Volumizer and Thickener, 250 ml, 7.92 eur.

A great volumizer, that usually costs around 15 euros (at least in Estonia). You can find my review here.

There are also lots of L'Oreal lipsticks for 4.80 euros, Anatomicals and Manatomicals stuff starting from 4.44 euros and so on. I might fall for some bargains myself :P is quite respectable Estonian web shop. They sell discounted beauty items like  does, but have often better offerings. I have ordered several times from them and have not been disappointed with the service or goodies yet. Sometimes they even include free samples with the order (always a bonus in my eyes!). Quum delivers all over the world and in my opinion the shipping is reasonably priced. The only minus is that the delivery time is a bit long sometimes.

Note: I'm not affiliated with this shop, just took my time to share this information. All images are press pictures from internet. 

Did you find anything from this supersale?

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

Edit: Now, more than a month later, these items are still not in my hands. So I must say that the delivery time is more than a bit long. I made an inquiry about my order and received a very vague answer about them being delayed with no exact arrival date. Hmm...

Edit 2: I have been extremely patient and waited more than four (4!) months by now. Still my goodies are nowhere in sight and the company doesn't know when they will be. I've asked for a refund and will let you know if or whether it arrives.

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Tänane hommik polnud mul just parimate killast. Aga pärast ülimõnusat ja loodetavasti ka tõhusat Elsa Hjeronymuse näohooldust arvuti taha naastes avastasin, et veebipoes on supersale ja seal leidub väga häid pakkumisi, millest mõned olen ka ülalpool välja toonud. Soovitan uurida!

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

NB! Praegu on tellimise kuupäevast möödunud juba enam kui kuu ja tellitud tooteid ikka veel pole. Järelepärimiseks sain pealiskaudse vastuse, et saadetis hilineb, kuna telliti palju. Ütleme nii, et ma olen selle olukorraga väga rahulolematu ja poodi enam soovitada ei julge.

NB! NB! Nüüdseks olen oodanud juba neli kuud, aga mu tooteid ikka pole. Samuti pole teada, millal need saabuda võiks. Palusin oma raha tagastada, mida ettevõtte juht Sven Palm ka teha lubas, ehkki ta arvas, et võtku ma parem mingeid asendustooteid nende lehelt. Tänan, ei! Ehk pean neid jälle mitu kuud ootama. Vaatame siis, kas ja millal ma raha tagasi saan :S Kindlasti annan teilegi teada!

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