Thursday, April 12, 2012

Question Wednesday {Nail Polish Edition}

I discovered this fun tag via Miss L.  This originates from Nykki's Mane Blog. Of course it's already Thursday, but slow life is lux life, you know :) (On that note, I noticed I haven't blogged over a month now. I hope the remaining few readers will forgive me. Sometimes life is just crazy.)

Spa Ritual Dreams Becoming Reality+ Nubar 2010 + China Glaze matte topcoat
Off to the questions.

1. Favourite everyday nail polish colour?
Definitely reds and corals. I just feel so comfy and "me" and not overdone wearing them. I'm just so classic and happy and colourful :P Followed closely by blues and dark blues.

2) Favourite nail polish trends?
Crackle and other interesting topcoats, of course! While everybody else claims that they are so over crackle, I'm SO not over it. Come on, it's a lazy girl's way to turn a plain manicure into interesting one and also hide all those nicks in a second! And crackles come in every colour now. How could you not love them?

3) Acrylics or natural?
Neither. Acrylic nails smell bad and my natural nails break so easily.
I vote for gel nails. I have had them over ten years (yes, it's true!) and will probably continue to have for another ten. It takes a whole post to explain the advantages.

4) Favourite nail polish brand?
I have a few favourites, because my nail polish collection is so big it's virtually forcing my husband out of our bedroom :) My most beloveds are China Glaze, OPI, Alessandro, Eveline, FlorMar, Spa Ritual and Avon.

5) How often do you change your nail polish?
Umm... shame on me, but only once in week :S On toenails too.

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull
Yes, I know my nails were slightly grown out while taking the picture :P

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Kuulge, need vastused on päris lihtsad ja keelteoskus tuleb elus kasuks :)

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. haha :D mulle meeldib see mis sa päris lõpus kirjutasid keeleoskuse kohta.

  2. Hiihii-hahaa, aga nii ongi ju :)

  3. Hei, annaksin Sinule Versatile Blogi auhinna, täpsem info ja reeglid, mida edasi teha:

  4. Hei! Andsin sulle oma blogis Blogger Appreciation Award´i.

  5. Aitäh auhindade eest, mul on väga-väga hea meel! Üritan varsti ka vastata!