Monday, July 2, 2012

Make Up Factory Metallic Eyeliner swatches & review

MakeUp Factory is a German cosmetics company. Established in 2005, they promise to be a cosmetics brand that pursues the aim of developing excellent cosmetics not just for make up artists but also for all women with a desire for professional makeup products. 

“High-end makeup of an extraordinary quality, of the type that had previously been reserved only for expensive premium brands. The Mercedes of German makeup manufacturers,” the company states. A pretty pretentious promise to make, huh?

Make Up Factory Metallic Eyeliners nr. 26 Brown Bronze and nr. 18 South Blue.
I must admit I haven't tried anything from Make Up Factory before, but these eyeliners got me curious, mainly because they seemed to last ages while swatched on my hand at the store. I couldn't get the swatches off even with some soap and water. 

South Blue has a bit more metallic shimmer in it than Brown Bronze.
Make Up Factory Metallic Eyeliners are retractable, creamy eye liners with metallic shimmering pigments. The soft texture of the Metallic eyeliner guarantees long-lasting intensive colour. There is a smudger and an integrated sharpener at the other end of the plastic case of the pencil. They promise to be waterproof and safe to use on the inner lids. 

The smudger and the sharpener.
The good things are they are very soft and pigmented, easy to apply and the colour is indeed quite intensive. Even the sharpener thingy works somewhat when used carefully. (Otherwise it just breaks the tip of the pencil.) And as I mentioned before, they stay on very well, when used on the back of my hand. I even did a small test rubbing the swatches with a wet wipe. 

The swatches on my hand.
Same swathes after light rubbing with a wet wipe.
The funny thing is, these pencils don't stay well on my waterline, I'd say 1-2 hours tops. While applied to the upper lid, I experienced some smudging even at the corners of my eyes. Nor are they waterproof: I've worn these to the pool once or twice and they just wash off in the water. 

All in all, these are nice, but not quite the Mercedes as I'd expected them to be. I'd say a Volkswagen would be more proper equivalent.

Also, I think they're a bit too expensive for the quality you get, there are better and cheaper options around.

I got Make Up Factory Automatic eyeliners from Ideaalkosmeetika. The full price is 9.91 euros each (7.95 GBP), but I paid around 5.50 euros each with some kind of discount. Available in five shades, see here.

Have you tried anything from Make Up Factory?

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:
Make Up Factory on Saksa päritolu kosmeetikafirma, mis lubab olla Saksa kosmeetikatööstuse Mercedes :) Kõnealused veekindlad metallik-silmalainerid seda päriselt ei tõesta: tekstuur on küll kreemjas ja pehme ning käeseljal püsivad nad ülihästi, kuid basseinis möllates haihtuvad laugudelt. Ka ei püsi need eriti hästi lau siseäärel, kõige rohkem ehk tunnikese-kaks. Kokkuvõttes sain Mercedese asemel Volkswageni ja edaspidi jätan Make Up Factory metalliklainerid pigem poodi.

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Toonid on mõlemad väga kenad, aga see tõesti jama kui neil peal püsivusega probleeme on :S

  2. Samas ma ei mõista, kuidas saab nii olla, et käe peal püsivad nad väga hästi :S

  3. Laud on ju rasusemad kui käeselg.. nii et asi võib vabalt selles olla. Muidugi kahju, et HG tootega tegemist pole- Eestist leiab kahjuks super tooteid vist haruharva.