Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Empties: winter 2012

Although I have not been very consistant with posting my empties project, I have still dutyfully collected them in the past month. By now, a big paper bag is almost full and annoyingly getting on my way all the time. So expect to see a lot more of empties soon :)

These empties were used up by me sometime during the winter months and although the bottles and tubes and their contents is long gone, the pictures are still waiting to be posted.

While it's not exactly "winter" here any more, the summer has completely failed to install this year. So why not to review some winter-y products?

Let's get a more detailed view of what I've used up.

  • Make up remover wipes by ByPhasse and Alverde – both are cheap face wipes (around 2 euros or so) that worked fine. Still, no re-buy probably.
  • The Body Shop Basil Purifying Mask – Ooh, this was a HG mask! I have already told you, how much I adore when vegetables and herbs are used in cosmetics. Basil is one of my favourite herbs and this mask smelt divine for me! It was that type of mask that doesn't go hard on your face and rather had a cooling & refreshing effect on the skin than deeply purifying one. I'd buy again in a heartbeat, but TBS doesn't offer this mask any more.
  • Puhas Loodus (Pure Nature) deeply purifying scrub with microbeads & apple extract – Although the products of Puhas Loodus are far from being pure and ecological, I liked it. It was a good, cheap ( I think around 4-5 euros) & effective face scrub with very fine beads and a subtle apple scent. I'll probably buy again sometime.  

  •  Avon Anew Pure O2 Oxygenating Youth Complex – Yuk! This day cream was way too greasy and did nothing for my skin. I struggled hard to use it up! 
  • Lumene Matt Touch cleanser & toner – While Lumene is one of my favourite cosmetics companies, these Matt Touch products were not the best I have tried from them. Mainly because they didn't mattify my skin much and the toner contained alcohol. I know they have reformulated the product and I hope new version is much better. A repurchase? Maybe.

  • Lactacyd Femina Intimate Wash – A girl's gotta have at least one product for every region of her body, right? :P One of the best intimate washes around. 'Nuff said.

  • Alverde Naturkosmetik Herbal toothpaste -- It was an emergency buy from Germany. I didn't like it's taste too much, so I'm happy our ways have parted. Don't care it was vegan and everything.

  • L'Oreal Paris Shine & Gloss duo -- I don't know why it was called shine & gloss duo, while it was simply a lipliner & lipstick duo in a pencil form :S Still, it was a nice nude hue for my skintone and I was quite sad when it came to it's end. A good nude lipliner is harder to find than you'd think. The double ended pencil packaging sucked, because a lot went to waste with sharpening and I had to throw quite a lot of product away because it became impossible to sharpen in the end. 

  • Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser -- This self-tanning moisturiser has been praised by many beauty bloggers and I'm no exception. Normal to dark skin version gave a very nice brownish hue to my light skin and I liked the initial shimmer effect too. This was not my first bottle and I have already bought the same product again.
  • Dove Colour Care shampoo – Just an ordinary drugstore shampoo, nothing much to say.

Weirdly, this time around I managed to use up a lot of products I'd actually buy again for several reasons. Not bad, I think.

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Tühjad potsikud ja tuubid eelmisest talvest. Loomulikult on see ärakasutatud kraam säilinud ainult piltide ja mälestuste näol, aga kui juba suvi sel aastal tulemata jäänud on, siis miks mitte talvist kraami meenutada, eks? Ülaltoodud kraamist soovitaksin eelkõige Puhta Looduse õunaga koorimiskreemi, Dove isepruunistajat ja Lactacydi intiimpesugeeli. The Body Shopi basiilikumaski ostaksin ka kohe uuesti, kuid minu suureks kurvastuseks seda enam ei valmistata ega müüda :(

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

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  1. Väga tubli, et viitsid tühje pudeleid ja potsikuid koguda :D Ma ka üritasin vahepeal, aga no koguaeg jäid nad ette ja neid prügikasti visata oli eriti mõnus :P