Thursday, July 19, 2012

Benefit The Pretty Committee kit review & swatches

Benefit Cosmetics is a company that has been on and off of my radar for quite some time already. I kind of love the retro design of Benefit's packaging, the witty names of their products … and at the same time these things scare me off. They make me feel that the products inside might not live up to their promises and the whole lot might be badly overpriced. So if I happen to come by a Benefit counter (it's not sold in Estonia where I live, so it can only happen while travelling), I usually just walk by.

I have had a chance to try their famous BadGal mascara sample as a magazine freebie and was very disappointed. It just turned my quite long and luscious lashes into scary spider feet. I don't really understand the people who love it. Then, after reading so many good reviews of their Creaseless Creams eyeshadows I decided to give Benefit another chance. I love each and every one Creaseless Cream I've tried. Talk about the mixed impression!

A few weeks ago in Poland I came across a Benefit counter again in a Sephora store. I was already leaving the shop but just hanged around a bit, browsing around to see if there's anything interesting.

Then I got a sight of The Pretty Committee kit from Benefit.

The kit consists of 5 items: Bella Bamba blush, Star Don't Stray primer for concealers and eyeshadows, Eye Bright eye brightener pencil (all in full sizes), High Beam complexion enhancer in a sample size and a mesh pouch.

The star of this kit is naturally Bella Bamba blush and I immediately asked the shop assistant to try it to my cheeks. Wow! I was instantly sold! Or should I say the kit was sold to me in a minute :P

Let's take a closer look.

Bella Bamba, a "3D brightening pink face powder" by name, is a most gorgeous watermelon-coloured blush. I won't tell much about it now, because it truly deserves a post of it's own. Let's just say that it beats Nars blushes by far. 

Stay Don't Stray is a skin-coloured primer meant to unify the tone of eyelids and keep all eye area makeup at it's place for whole day. It is a good match for my skintone and I think I won't need any separate concealer around the eyes while using this. The only fault I can find now is that a huge amount comes out of the pump bottle at once, wasting the product. I keep my fingers crossed that the staying power will be good. 

Eye Bright is a jumbo sized light rosy-white eye pencil that is meant to be used in the inner & outer corners of the eyes, under the eyebrows and on lower waterlines to give a “wide awake” look. I've used this type of products before and while it's not an absolutely necessary product for me, it is a very nice add-up to my makeup routine. 

High Beam is another Benefit's iconic product, a luminescent highlighter for cheeks, brow bones, your Cupid's bow and so on. I'm not very fascinated by liquid highlighters, but I've been slightly curious about High Beam for quite long, because it's rather pearly, not that outright shiny. I hope it lives up to my expectations. This sample size, although it's much smaller than a lipstick, will last for a very long time I think.

The pouch is just an ordinary mesh pouch with Benefit's logo on it. But I like it's size and rosy gold colouring quite a lot.
Left to right: Eye Bright, High Beam and Stay Don't Stray, unblended.
Blended on my NC15/20 skin. 
One of the best things about this kit (besides the outright gorgeousness of Bella Bamba blush!) was that the whole kit together cost less than merely Bella Bamba and Eye Bright together. That means, I got Stay Don't Stray, High Beam and the pouch for free. I would never have bought all of these products separately, but I'm a very happy kitty the kit gave me an opportunity to discover and try new things. 

I paid around 50 euros for the whole kit & purchased it from Galeria Kazimiers in Krakow, Poland.

Have tried anything from Benefit? Would you like to try something?

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

Instructions on the backside of cardboard packaging.

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Benefit Cosmetics on meigifirma, mille tooteid Eestis muidugi müügil pole. Välismaal käies soovitan aga silmad lahti hoida: selle komplekti ostsin Krakovist Poolast. Esmapilgul veidi ülepingutatuna tunduvad papist pakendid võivad endas peita väärt sisu. Ilukomitee komplekt väärib oma nime :P

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Alati on tore tänu sellistele komplektidele avastada uusi tooteid. Ise ma Benefiti tooteid veel pole proovida jõudnud, aga küll jõuab :)

  2. olen juba pikemat aega jälginud Benefiti tooteid, aga krõbeda hinna tõttu pole julgenud netipoodidest niisama ilma testimata veel midagi tellida. sinu postitus andis aga küll julgust juurde ;)