Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small Summery Lumene Haul

As I've probably mentioned before, Lumene is one of my favourite companies when it comes to skincare.

The three things I like most about Lumene, is that their products are relatively natural, have worked well for me in most cases and are very reasonably priced. Even better, they have regular discount campaigns, when you get 20-25 % off and sometimes a free gift with purchase. Yay!

I also like that they launch new products regularly or reformulate the old ones, usually making them better. Oh, I have so much great things to say about Lumene, must save some of it for next posts!

Lumene Vitamin C+ Radiance Nectar is my all-time favourite facial serum, I could say, a HG item. It's my 4th or 5th repurchase and that says something. I shall do a more in-depth review of it, I just say right now I like it a lot. I paid 13.24 euros for it with 20 % off.

Arctic Aqua 2 in 1 Skin-Perfecting Moisture Booster is a new addition to Lumene Arctic Aqua line. It is also used as a serum before face cream. I think it might be a nice hydrating gel for oiler skin types for summer. It's my first time purchase, so I'm not really sure what I think about it yet. I paid 11.12 euros for it with 20 % off. 

Finally, Berry Refresh is a new body care line from Lumene based on Finnish berries. This line is so new it's not on Lumene international web site yet, but you can see it on Finnish site here. I got this body moisturiser for free because my Lumene purchase was over 20 euros (around 25 USD). I already like it a lot, because it has the same great cloudberry scent as Vitamin C+ Radiance Nectar, contains over 90 % natural ingredients, is paraben-free, as most of Lumene products and sinks in very fast. I'm very eager to try other products from Berry Refresh line too.

Lumene products are widely acessible in Estonia & the Baltics and of course Finland where the company originates from. They are also present in USA and Russia (for all locations, check here).

I bought mine from Tallinna Kaubamaja at the end of May. Currently, Lumene products are 25 % off at Rosalind stores in Estonia.

Have you tried anything from Lumene? If not, would you like to?

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Lumene nahahooldustooted on mu suured lemmikud, ikka ja jälle satun neilt üht-teist soetama. Mai lõpus jõudsid ostukorvi minu kõigi aegade lemmikseerum Vitamin C+ Radiance Nectar, mida olen ostnud juba 4-5 korda. See ütleb nii mõndagi, eks.

Et üle 20-eurose ostuga sai Kaubamajast kaasa tasuta uue Berry Refresh-sarja murakalõhnalise kehakreemi, valisin lisaks seerumile välja ka Arctic Aqua 2 in 1 Skin-Perfecting Moisture Booster'i. See on kerge geel, mida soovitatakse kasutada naha niisutamiseks kreemi all, mina loodan, et minu rasusevõitu nahal töötab see suviselt kerge niisutajana kreemi asemel. Täpsemaid muljeid veel ei jaga :)

Kingituseks saadud muraka-kehakreem on küll väga mõnus ja kiiresti imenduv.

Muuseas, praegu on Rosalinnu poodides Lumene toodetel 25 % soodustust.

Siiralt teie,
Tolmu Rull

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