Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Houston, we have a herring problem! OPI Spring 2012 nail polish collection: Holland

This is an OPI promo picture from nowhere :P

Recently, OPI released the promos for their Spring-Summer collection, Holland. It seems a little bit early, while we still have to pass Christmas, but so it is.

I would like to say a few words about this Holland collection. First, the colors are quite average – reds, oranges and a few blues. Nothing new, we've pretty much seen them all.

The names are (L to R): A Roll in The Hague, I Have Herring Problem, Wooden Shoe Like to Know?, Red Lights Ahead…Where?, Thanks a WindMillion, Pedal Faster Suzi!

Bottom row: Did You ’ear About Van Gogh?, Dutch ’Ya Just Love OPI?, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes,I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!, Kiss Me on My Tulips, Vampsterdam.

Oh, and the names! The names have always been the best part(s) of OPI's collections. They are not rude (as a certain company's products' names, fancy a Big O anyone?), but entertaining and funny enough to make a conversation starter. I think these names from the Holland collection are quite weird, but still witty.

Ecxept one. There's a shimmery green-blue that's called “I Have a Herring Problem”.

I have a personal problem with this.

I think for us Northern people (as we are often referred to in this part of the world), it's just too weird. A herring problem?!? Mr. Tolmu doesn't eat any herring whatsoever and would never allow to bring any kind of herring to our home. Could this be referred to as a “herring problem”? Could I sneak in OPI's “We Have a Herring Problem” and wear it without a passionate fight? Remains to be seen...

Anyhow, this collection is just not tempting for me. Please convince me otherhow :)

Do you think a witty name is enough to purchase a bottle of an expensive nail polish? If so, please explain!

Yours Truly,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

OPI kevadkollektsioon on pühendatud Hollandile. Minu arvates koosneb see täiesti tavalistest punastest ja ruugetest toonidest, kuhu on huvi äratamiseks lisatud ka paar sinist. Nimed ju muidu toredad nagu OPI puhul ikka, aga norida tahaks sinaka laki kallal, mil nimeks “I Have A Herring Problem”. Et mismõttes heeringaprobleem siis nagu...? Heeringas keedukartuliga on meie rahvusroog ja pole mingit “heeringaprobleemi”.

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Mulle need toonid väga meeldivad ja on küllaltki erilised minu jaoks :)