Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beauty bloggers are bizarre? Oh yes, they are!

While they are doing photos, I can hoard the remote...

Today I read a most hilarious list of weird habits you develop if you become a beauty blogger. It is written by Lily, a 19-year old British beauty blogger with rather good sense of humor and witty tongue. You can see the full list of beauty bloggers weird habits in her blog, Beauty's Bad Habit.

Although I'm a rather new beauty blogger, I found myself guilty of the things mentioned in Lily's list in so many ways. So I thought, it could make a great tag, because it would be fun to find out about other people's bad habits too.

My bad habits are (in brackets are the numbers from Beauty's Bad Habit list):

  • (1) I have bought some things for just blogging purposes. And bought some things out of curiosity created by other beauty bloggers;
  • (3) Have ditched time management and spent more time getting good photos or composing a post than I planned to;
  • (4) Been doing that at night;
  • (5) EDIT: At first I thought that I am not obsessed with light, because my blog photos don't rely on daylight. On second thought, taking nice blog photos required buying some new photo equipment and now I'm thinking about new macro lens. Creating good light conditions + good equipment = bleeding money;
  • (7) Asked the shop assistants about the collections they've never heard about. Sometimes I have even advised them about beauty products!; 
  • (9) Gotten exited about silly things. Yup, I'm curious about this Creme Brule vaseline. EDIT 2: beauty blogging has made me learn German language, as some of my favourite blogs are in German and I want to understand them without the help of Google Translator;
  • (11) Thought about upcoming reviews in front of the mirror or in the shower;
  • (14) Painted only one hand;
  • (15) Keep some of my beauty products in original boxes. No empty boxes though, husband would throw me out :P 
  • (16) Kept eyeshadows and lipsticks untouched and hauls intact in shopping bags until I can get a photo. Heh, I've even kept empty bottles for picture purposes. 
There's another point I would add to the bad habits list. I have noticed from many blogs that a lot of beauty bloggers have cats, who can't be kept away from blog photos. 

So point number 19 would be: We develop an unnormally big love for cats.

I would like to tag Liz from Beautyfomliz, Miss L from Eisaamitte, Liis from I.R.Pale, Mari from Beautybymari and Kris from Xofstyle with this. All others are welcome to tell about their bad blogging habits too!

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian ladies:

Blogis Beauty's Bad Habit on ülinaljakas nimekiri halbadest harjumustest, mis ilublogijatel välja kujunevad. Ümber jutustama ei hakka, katsuge inglise keelest läbi pureda ja kokku lugeda, mitut neist ise harrastate.

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull


  1. Seda postitust n2gin minagi ja naerma ajas v2ga. Kuigi jah, I'm just as bad!
    See ilublogindus on mind nii palju muutnud. Ma olen nyyd t2ielik beauty obsessed inimene ja kuigi meik jms meeldis varemgi, on olukord palju hullemaks muutunud. Ma ostan sageli tooteid vaid selleks, et neist kirjutada ja mul on ka k6ik tooted originaalpakendis... Ah, ma peaks vist ka selleteemalise kirjutise tegema.
    Muide, saatsin Sulle emaili ;)

  2. Väga vahva tag, kindlasti katsun lähipäevil kirjutada, mis minu kohta täppi läks. Lugesin juba läbi ja 18. punkti peale hakkasin naerma lihtsalt :D

  3. To Miss A: mõtlesin esialgu sind ka tag'ida, aga arvasin, et nii posh lady niikuinii ei viitsi kaasa mängida :P Muidugi tee selleteemaline kirjutis, ootan pinevalt!