Saturday, September 10, 2011

The beauty bucket list

Do you remember the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called the  Bucket List? If you don't in a nutshell the synopsis is that an auto mechanic and a millionaire escape the cancer hospital to make real all the wishes and wants they never had the courage/money to make true.

Pildi varastasin siit.

I heard that the movie was on TV tonight and started to wonder. Imagine that you'd have only a few months to live and an unlimited (beauty) budget. What would you get or do? Where would you go (for beauty treatments that is)?

The first thing that came to my mind was fake boobs. I mean, aren't we all somewhat curious about them since Pamela flaunted hers in Baywatch? Then again, I'm quite well-endowed naturally and getting these would take some pain and several months to recover. So, nay.

The other thing that jumped my mind was hair extensions. I've been blessed with quite thin and light Scandinavian type of hair, that never grows really long and if it does, it is not that thick and flouncy I would love it to be. In real life, I've always found hair extensions too expensive and troublesome, so I've never let those nowhere near my scalp. On my bucket list – yes, please!

The next obsession I have, is with Orgasm. Nars Orgasm, I mean. I know some people reckon the name to be tacky, but I have been mesmerized with it the minute I heard about it. I knew sometimes I would be one of the happy owners of Orgasm. To this day, I'm not, but getting this (ahem, an Orgasm) will definitely be on my bucket list.

Pildi varastasin siit.

Then, the third thing. I would really love to own the YSL Tribtoo kind of shoes. Several pairs, if possible. C'mon, what's there not to love (besides the constant danger of tripping over that will be really-really easy to overcome, right?). 

Pildi varastasin siit.

And a Kelly bag wouldn't hurt too. A few years ago Estonian clothing brand called Monton did a replica, but it's still merely a replica and I managed to miss this too. 

And last but not least, flying over to Thailand to get a series of Thai massages and a good soak in a pool with Mai Tai's being served constantly.

Over to you? What's in your beauty bucket list? You can list as many things or services as you like to.

Sincerely Yours,
Tolmu Rull

For my lovely Estonian beauties:

Mäletate filmi Viimaste soovide nimekiri ? Kuna see on täna õhtul telkus, hakkasin mõtlema, mis oleks minu ilu-viimaste-soovide nimekirjas. Pärast pikka kaheminutilist mõttetööd valisin välja juuksepikendused, Nars'i põsepuna toonis Orgasm (ilmselgetel põhjustel) ja YSL Tribtoo kingad, mis on lihtsalt liiga ilusad, et neid mitte nimekirja panna. Nojah, ja Kelly kott ning tai massaažid Taimaal ei teeks ka paha.

Mis on teie viimaste soovide nimekirjas (ilu osas nimelt)?

Siiralt Teie,
Tolmu Rull

P.S. Luban, et tulevikus teen rohkem toodete arvustusi ja swatche ka, aga september on lihtsalt nii neetult kiire kuu...

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